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Welcome to the Briggs Chaney Animal Hospital. For those of you who are new to the Hospital, I am Annie... your host for this tour. To those who are regulars here, you will recognize my tireless work to make all our guests feel at home. In case you missed our open house, I will introduce you to the treatment areas where your four-legged family members will receive the highest standard of medicine..

Surgical Suite

We are equipped with the most up-to-date surgical technology, to provide your pet with highest quality of medical care. Surgery combined with the latest diagnostic tools give our patients the best possible outcomes.

Canine Examination Room

We understand going to the veterinarian's office can be a stressful experience for the whole family...especially your dog. Our technicians are experienced, and help provide a more calming visit to the doctor.

Feline Examination Room

Cats love our exam rooms.

X-Ray Bay

X-rays are a core diagnostic tool.

Treatment Area

Our treatment area permits us to process a wide variety of diagnostic tests. From blood chemistry and fecal sample analysis, to microscopic analysis. The tools we maintain complements our abilities, giving the pet the benefit


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  • "Loveeee the office. You can tell how much they care about your pet by just seeing how they treat them. Doctor is awesome. Very professional. I would completely recommend the office."
    krissiam - Burtonsville, MD